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Join us on the 23rd June at 10am CET and 9am BST for a 2 hour webinar dedicated to Vehicle Manufacturers and franchised dealer groups. We will be joined by some Industry Experts as we cover key topics around Automotive Aftersales market and share insights into how you can maximize throughput of vehicles, provide excellent customer service and encourage customer loyalty.

About Getac

With over 30 years of operational excellence and proven track record, Getac has become one of the leading rugged computing manufacturers across the world; supplying solutions to a diverse range of sectors spanning from Public Safety and Oil and Gas, right through to, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing. Proud to combat customer challenges, Getac offers complete hardware, software and accessory solutions to its Automotive sector. Find out more: https://www.getac.com/en/industries/automotive/

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Chris Bye

Welcome & Opening

Getac open the webinar by introducing the speakers and providing an overview of the agenda.

Frost & Sullivan – Aftermarket Outlook and Emerging Opportunities, 2021

Presentation on how the aftermarket recovery is anticipated as the market emerges from under the shadow of the pandemic from 2020. As the recovery propels business sentiment, identification and adoption of newer technologies and solutions will be vital to leverage the growth momentum - the discussion is aims to bring these trends to the forefront for the benefit of industry stakeholder

ICDP – The Future Aftermarket: Storm Clouds ahead?

Against a backdrop of declining repair and maintenance volumes, competition between the OEM-franchised and independent aftermarket sectors is growing ever-fiercer as electrification, connectivity and ADAS features are added into the mix. Looking ahead towards 2030, what will the coming changes to the aftermarket mean for customers, both individual and fleet, and for the providers of service?

Loyalty Logistix – Customer Retention & the Power of Data

Recognise – Re-engage – Retain Challenge: Customer retention and re-sale are the foundation for growth for any Automotive business – OEM / Dealer networks. Many OEMs are unable to get visibility from the dealer network of customer behaviour / loyalty and of the key performance indicators to drive strategy and performance. Solution: Platform delivering insight, measurable increases in customer retention and renewals by making the current customer database their most valuable asset.

Getac – Removing Inefficiencies in the Aftersales process with the use of Digital strategies

Russell will focus on your dealer network and what he is regularly hearing from the Aftersales management teams he speaks with. Due to the transformation in the Industry and the decline in New and Used Vehicle Sales, Aftersales is now more than ever expected to underpin and increase revenue streams but in so many cases their manual processes and paper-based workflows often are set up to fail. At Getac we believe there is a new approach that provides the right conditions to maximise the opportunity and minimize waste.​ Focusing on the use of digital strategies to maximize throughput of vehicles, provide excellence in customer experience, in turn driving revenue and profitability for the dealer operations. Morevoer, it’s important to keep cost under control and eliminate waste, such as technician idle time. ​ ​

Worx Automotive – Steering the Change and Gains

This speech will be to introduce the methodolgy of doing the right thing at the right moment based on the Lean philosophy. The topic I would like to address is that although Lean theory has been developed many years ago, it still applies and is now further enabled with predicable AI, Big Data and Connected Vehicle technology. In the past the technology wasn’t available or had to be done “door to door” whilst now the technology becomes available for everyone and can be the perfect solution to the Automotive industry.

CKL Consulting – Fuel for Thought

In order to meet emission reduction commitments. The UK will ban the sale of Petrol and Diesel powered vehicles from 2030. Other countries will follow a similar approach. The Automobile industry is responding by introducing battery electric models. This approach has its own problems, in this talk we will examine those problems and potential alternative solutions.

Somit Solutions – Aftersales Technical Information for Start-ups

Julian will share his personal experiences with working with companies such as Tesla, Fisker/Karma, Coda and Meccanica. Covering his personal experiences, challenges faced and the various routes to market. The keynote will also share his thoughts on what the startup OEM’s are doing differently compared to traditional OE’s. The talk track here will be around knowledge databases, integration with engineering and streamlined processes. Also how they are structured, the need also to operate with small teams with multi discipline and collaborate with partners that offer a broader spectrum of services.

Event Speakers / click photo(s) to learn more

Dr. Andrew Tongue
Research Director at ICDP
Anuj Monga
Associate Director at Frost & Sullivan
Chris Bye
Getac UK President
David Hawkins
CRO at Loyalty Logistix
Russell Younghusband
Global Automotive Director at Getac
Marcel Van Renselaar
Managing Director at Worx Automotive
Martin Clarke
CEO at CKL Consulting
Julian Soanes
CEO at Somit Solutions

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