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Getac open the webinar by introducing the speakers and providing an overview of the agenda.

Getac – Exploring the digitalization of the Manufacturing sector

Introduction to Getac along with an exploration of the key challenges and issues faced within the manufacturing industry. The presentation will follow with an overview of IIOT trends within the Manufacturing sector and follow-on with a discussion of Getac hardware, software and service solutions. This session will conclude with a demonstration of Getac’s Virtual Manufacturing platform.

Bosch – Achieving operational excellence by digitalization

Introduction to Bosch and Bosch Industry Consulting, followed by an overview of the Bosch approach of successfully implementing Industry 4.0. The session will conclude with a series of project examples and use cases.

pureLiFi – LiFi: Enable new connectivity with light.

LiFi technology can enable unparalleled security and reliable connectivity in RF hostile and complex manufacturing environments. PureLiFi will talk about how LiFi can enable new use cases and overcome challenges associated with using Radio Frequencies in manufacturing environments. LiFi uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data offering high speeds, low latency, and highly secure wireless communications for both internet access and M2M communications. LiFi products and technologies offered by pureLiFi can enable manufacturing environments to save time, reduce errors and increase productivity and security.

Computacenter – The capabilities of rugged devices for Manufacturing and IIOT

The presentation will start with an introduction of Computacenter and the Digital Factory Proposition. Following this, there will be an exploration of the five Digital Factory solutions: Industrial Networks, Analytics, Security, IOT Platforms and Workplace. Marco Jacob will then provide a deep-dive into the Industrial Workplace and explore the service offering provided by Computacenter e.g. Battledays which help to compare rugged vs consumer devices and presentation of supporting use cases. The presentation will conclude with an outline of Battleday results: rugged tablets/ notebooks for several use cases

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